How many calories are burned during a circular workout

We have 2 types of circuit training in our schedule:

Circular training is free of charge. High-intensity training, with alternating aerobic and strength training. Increases endurance and strengthens all muscle groups.

Crosspower is a commercial group. The training is carried out at the Motion Cage station, which combines aerobic and strength loads, elements of athletics and rowing, gymnastics, plastics and other exercises.

Circular training is recognized as the most effective for burning fat and building muscle mass. It is a set of exercises that are performed once without interruptions. Each approach is at least 10 repetitions (each exercise lasts about 30 seconds), performed at a very fast pace. Circular training in the gym alternates strength exercises with cardio. They work both with their own body weight and with improvised materials – dumbbells, weights. Exercises are energy-consuming, therefore, in order to achieve good results and lose weight quickly enough, it is enough to practice for half an hour 3-4 times a week.

How many calories are burned

Such classes are aimed at fat burning. There is evidence that an hour and a half of exercise burns about 800 calories. If the training takes place at a moderate pace, about 500 calories are burned. Of course, physical fitness and endurance are of great importance. At the same time, it is worth considering that active calorie burning begins at about 20 minutes of training.

What is the benefit?

Without a doubt, circular training is useful for girls and men. Main advantages:

Saving time. The rest here is supposed to be short, so you can do a lot more than with normal training.

“Pumping” of the respiratory system and the heart. This is ensured by the fact that the rest is short, or even completely absent. At the same time, during classes there is an active consumption of oxygen, which has a positive effect on all organs and systems.

Weight loss. During training, a person’s pulse accelerates, and this helps to reduce the amount of fat, increases muscle mass.