Non-standard and non-traditional sports equipment

Non-traditional sports equipment for sports that saves lives

Keeping fit is very important for those on whom the lives of dozens of people depend. Fire-applied sport helps to sharpen skills and test reaction speed with the help of special exercises: overcoming obstacles, climbing a rope, walking on a log to train balance, climbing with obstacles. Each projectile for such exercises is designed to develop strength, agility, balance and the ability to instantly make the right decisions – precisely those skills on which the success of rescue operations will depend in the future.

We offer the following types of equipment for fire-applied sports:

Non-traditional sports equipment “boom” and “fence”

The finish line

Rescue house

Basketball in a new way: non-traditional sports equipment for korfball

Korfball is very popular in schools due to the mixed composition of teams (4 male and 4 female players), which is very convenient for the teacher not to divide the class. Lightweight racks with a plastic basket or a metal ring are used for this game – they can be purchased in our catalog!