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List of sports equipment for schools: we prepare outdoor sports grounds according to GOST

Shock-absorbing grass or rubber coating

Straight Treadmill

Sand Pit landing

Gymnastic logs and walls

Rope and rope ladder

Stationary and movable pole

Crossbars and bars (equally and differently high)

Stumps for balance

Walls with mounted targets for projectile throwing

Basketball shields

Badminton and volleyball net

Football gates

Skittles for relay races

Tennis tables

Logs and arcs for climbing

Ladders, Swedish walls and ribbed boards

List of sports equipment for schools with closed gyms

Gymnastics equipment: rope, rings, walls, boards, mats, trestles and horses, hoops and benches

Shields and rings for basketball

Racks and net for volleyball

High Jump rack

Ladders and boards with a hook for the Swedish wall

Targets for throwing

Rope ladder


Wooden cubes

Multicolored ribbons and flags

Stuffed and rubber balls

Jump ropes and […]

What does aerobic training mean?

Aerobic training is a physical activity in which many muscle groups are involved, while there is an increased oxygen consumption. The advantage of such a complex is that during classes, the pulse, breathing increases, which helps to strengthen the heart. People who regularly perform exercises become hardy, stress-resistant. But still, most often those who dream of losing excess weight turn to fitness aerobics – exercises are effective in terms of fat burning.

Training features

Aerobic exercise is the same as cardio. This type of training has become very popular in Moscow recently. This can include step, running, cycling, tennis, football and other […]