List of sports equipment for schools: we prepare outdoor sports grounds according to GOST

Shock-absorbing grass or rubber coating

Straight Treadmill

Sand Pit landing

Gymnastic logs and walls

Rope and rope ladder

Stationary and movable pole

Crossbars and bars (equally and differently high)

Stumps for balance

Walls with mounted targets for projectile throwing

Basketball shields

Badminton and volleyball net

Football gates

Skittles for relay races

Tennis tables

Logs and arcs for climbing

Ladders, Swedish walls and ribbed boards

List of sports equipment for schools with closed gyms

Gymnastics equipment: rope, rings, walls, boards, mats, trestles and horses, hoops and benches

Shields and rings for basketball

Racks and net for volleyball

High Jump rack

Ladders and boards with a hook for the Swedish wall

Targets for throwing

Rope ladder


Wooden cubes

Multicolored ribbons and flags

Stuffed and rubber balls

Jump ropes and expanders

Badminton and tennis kits

Skittles, checkers and chess

Sports equipment and equipment for the school pool: list according to GOST

Judicial Tower

Dividing tracks

Life pole and circle

Rubber, inflatable and water polo balls

Rubber Toys

Boards, vests and sleeves for swimming


List of sports equipment for field training

Two-wheeled and tricycles

Figure skates, hockey and roller skates, hockey sticks

Skis, ski boots and poles

Sleds and scooters

Stopwatch and pedometer

Measuring tape measure and jumping bar

Simplicity and reliability: sports equipment for schools from “Alfasport”

We supply high-quality, modern equipment that meets all GOST standards, as well as provide services for the selection of equipment and equipment of sports facilities, taking into account their specifics.

Comprehensive equipment of school gyms takes place in seven stages:

We come to you for taking measurements and consulting on our assortment

We select the optimal list of sports equipment and plan its placement

We draw up a technical specification and an estimate of all works indicating the final cost of goods and services

We collect the entire list of sports equipment and prepare it for transportation

We deliver inventory to your facility by our own transport

We debug and adjust the equipment

You get a guarantee for all goods and works!