Does zumba help you lose weight

Do you like to dance? Then you will definitely like Zumba fitness. After all, this is a unique training, which is based on dance. The complex was invented and developed by a Colombian fitness trainer and in a short time fell in love with sports fans from all over the world. Zumba is a sport that harmoniously combines dance and fitness. Today, Zumba dance has become a hyped brand. A line of clothes, shoes, and other accessories has even been developed for classes. You can even study at home, but it is much more interesting, more fun and more pleasant […]

What does aerobic training mean?

Aerobic training is a physical activity in which many muscle groups are involved, while there is an increased oxygen consumption. The advantage of such a complex is that during classes, the pulse, breathing increases, which helps to strengthen the heart. People who regularly perform exercises become hardy, stress-resistant. But still, most often those who dream of losing excess weight turn to fitness aerobics – exercises are effective in terms of fat burning.

Training features

Aerobic exercise is the same as cardio. This type of training has become very popular in Moscow recently. This can include step, running, cycling, tennis, football and other […]

What is lymphatic drainage massage for?

Lymphatic drainage body massage is a service offered by many specialized salons. This is a relatively young technique that began to be used in the second half of the 20th century. Initially, French doctors began to use it in order to relieve patients from postoperative edema. Purpose: to combat stagnation of lymph – a clear liquid that washes all our internal organs and removes harmful substances from the body. The technique allows you to get rid of many medical and cosmetic problems. It is actively used to combat swelling, sleep disorders, skin deterioration (including the appearance of cellulite), decreased performance […]

What are TRX loops and their benefits

Do you want to take care of your health, favorably emphasize the features of the figure or lose weight before the start of the summer season? Pay attention to classes on TRX loops. This is a great solution for those who are tired of visiting traditional gyms or swimming pools and are ready to experiment. The innovative miracle device allows you to pump all muscle groups, provides a useful load on bones and ligaments, improves coordination, flexibility and endurance.

TRX: briefly about the history of creation

TRX is two interconnected slings that are attached at a certain height. Arms or legs are […]

5 reasons to exercise

Men and women of different ages are increasingly thinking about the need to visit the gym today. Why is this important? If children attend the sections in order to be healthy and develop harmoniously, then adults have much more reasons for this.

Thanks to sports loads, the blood supply to the muscles improves, the regulation of the nervous system activity

How to keep your muscles in good shape? This problem is faced not only by those who are “for”, but also by young people. The reasons can be different – from diseases to poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. Only physical education makes […]