Basketball ring with a net and the correct size of the basketball shield

A basketball shield is a rectangular or square-shaped panel on which a ring is fixed. The shield is equipped with a mount for mounting on a pole or hanging on a wall: a rigid installation is required so that the product does not wobble and does not move. The size of the product is 1.8×1.05 meters, while the distance from its edge to the floor should be 2.9 meters. The NBA has set the following standards: the size of the shield is 72×42 inches. There should be two shields, they are installed at opposite ends of the field, the material is durable and resistant to impacts (for example, tempered glass, acrylic, wood). The surface is marked with lines, it should be smooth. In models of non-stationary basketball boards with a grid, the same mounting elements are used as in crowns for hanging boxing bags. This allows you to withstand the heavy weight of the product and securely fasten it. Also, a popular product is considered to be a gate with a basketball shield, which you can buy on our website.

Dimensions of the basketball shield

What should a basketball hoop look like

The ring or basket is a metal (steel) circle, which is covered with a mesh without a bottom. This element should be installed at a distance of 3.05 meters from the floor and 0.15 meters from the bottom edge of the shield. The inner diameter can vary from 45 to 45.7 centimeters. The basketball hoop is painted in a bright color, most often orange. The load on the basket should not be transferred to the shield, so special attention should be paid to the installation of the product.